Week 22 – Who’s Really In Control?

Who’s Really In Control? – Just as there are laws to do with mathematics and science, so are there exact laws that govern the mind and body. When we know, understand and work in harmony with these laws, we come face to face with the marvelous power and possibilities inherent in every human being.

When we explore the question, what bearing does the subconscious have upon disease, we open up the most interesting and illuminating phase of mind healing. The subconscious can hold memories of sickness, problems, misfortunes, sorrows, and various negative thoughts which are causing sickness yet all unconscious to the conscious mind. All habits are rooted in the subconscious. Any sickness, whether it has come into being by contagion, fear, panic, negative thought, unrealized ambitions or misfortunes may become a habit. This habit of sickness may be of an intermittent, periodical or of chronic character.

The thoughts, for example, belonging to a fear complex, which originally were accompanied by heart palpitation, tremor, perspiration, muscular weakness, etc., when reproduced in memory are again accompanied by all these physiological reactions.

If thinking any negative thought has first caused sickness, and this sickness has become a habit, there is only one way to heal it, that is, by first pushing out the old sick habit in the subconscious mind, by “holding the thought” opposite to that which caused the sickness.

Habits of all sorts are simply the result of the repetition of an action. Physical habits result from repeating a physical act and mental habits result in the same manner. Any physical habit can be changed by choosing an act opposite to that which created the destructive habit, and by steadily repeating this act until the new habit replaces the old one. Mental habits can be replaced by choosing a different, positive thought and dwelling upon it until it becomes the habit of the mind to think the new way. Pain, sickness, weakness, unhappiness, and poverty are all mental habits as are their opposites. Every state of consciousness attracts its own kind and being well is a habit as is every other desirable condition. Getting the right habit is our task.

Week 21 – Thinking Big Pays Off

Thinking Big – We have learned that thinking pays off when our thoughts are directed at something positive. Since we stand in a position to create a physical outcome governed by our thoughts it only makes sense to make our thinking produce something of significance. A key to success is in directing our thoughts to something big enough for the thought to have real value and therefore continue to hold our concentration long enough for its obtainment.

Keys To Thinking Big:

– Allow yourself to have a big consciousness.
– Think like successful people think and avoid thinking with a failure mentality.
– Ask yourself what would someone big do with an important idea you have.
– Would a big person worry about what you’re worrying about?
– Believe that a major accomplishment is within reach.
– Expect a positive result to come from your efforts.
– Be exact with your ideas as opposed to vague.
– Form a concrete plan to execute the advancement of your big idea(s).
– Persist until you manifest the desired outcome.

The thinking of big and therefore worthwhile thoughts that get you excited and enthusiastic will captivate your continued focus and is a distinguishing characteristic of the highly achieved.


Week 20 – Universal Proof

Universal Proof – All things are granted the use of power by and through the Universal Mind and the key to maximizing the power of the Universal Mind comes first by way of consciousness as it provides us the ability to think. The higher the level of our thinking, the less superficial our expressions. A Perfect understanding of the principals, forces, methods, and combinations of the mind and a perfect understanding of our relationship to the Universal Mind are a requirement if we are to maximize our full potential.

All creation is connected to the Universal Mind and we as humans are in a unique position above all other known living organisms, as having been created in God’s image and likeness, to consciously self-direct our pursuits to the extend of our understanding and alignment to the correct use of the Laws of the Universal. Confirmation of these Laws abound as the Universal is in a never ending process of creation. Let’s explore this truth in more detail herein and take a tour of the Universal in action by investigating the mathematical symmetry of its creations by analyzing the discovery of Leonardo Fibonacci:

Fibonacci Sequence

The History of Fibonacci

Leonardo Bonacci, aka Leonardo de Pisa de Fibonacci, was born in 1170 in Italy and was educated in North Africa where his father held a diplomatic post and was assigned to work with the merchants of the Republic of Piza who were trading there. Leonaro traveled with his father and learned about mathematics during his father’s stay. Little by little, he began to recognize the enormous advantages of the mathematical systems of the countries they were visiting verses the Roman numeric system he had been taught. One of the mathematical concepts that intrigued Leonardo was the nine-digit system (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) used by the Indians.

Leonardo’s travels came to an end around 1200, and he returned to his hometown of Pisa. upon his return, he started working with the royal families, introducing the numbers 0 through 9 (a ten digit system). He wrote many texts including Liber Abaci in 1202, Practica Geometriae in 1220, Flos in 1225, and Liber Quadratorum in 1225. A major task given the vacancy of computers and typewriters, everything had to be hand written. It is interesting to note that Leonardo introduced 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 to the Roman mathematical scholars, who debated for more than 300 years whether or not the number 0 was of any value.

The Fibonacci Numerical Sequence:

1 + 1 = 2
1 + 2 = 3
2 + 3 = 5
3 + 5 = 8
5 + 8 = 13
8 + 13 = 21
To Infinity

The Fibonacci Sequence In Nature:

Rabbits Breed In a Numerical Sequence


Pineapples Grow In A Fibonacci Sequence


Leaf Arrangement – Many plants show the Fibonacci series in the arrangements of the leaves around their stems

3-5-8-13 – 1-2-3-5

The Fibonacci sequence exists in many other areas of our lives, for example, look at a piano. The piano of today took more than 300 years to perfect yet the actual construction, including the quantity of its keys has not changed.

A Piano’s Octave

piano keyboard

1 Octave
2 Black Keys
3 Black Keys
5 Total Black Keys
8 White Keys
13 Total Keys Per Octave

When the conditions of life are so closely linked to nature, it’s clear the Universal Mind has a design that it manifests through us and is unquestionably beyond mere amusement. Watch what happens we you start dividing numbers:

Take any three numbers in the numerical sequence after the first seven sets of numbers. Start dividing them and watch what happens.

For example, let us take 144 + 233 = 377

If you divide the sum 377 by the first number of the sequence, 144, you will have a ratio of 2.618

If you divide 233 by 144, it will equal a ratio of 1.618

If you divide 144 by 233, it will equal a ratio of 0.618

One of the reasons the pyramids in Egypt have stood the test of time is that the height of the pyramid divided by the length of the pyramid equals a Fibonacci number of 0.618, creating one of the strongest architectural structures ever conceived.

great pyramid giaza with letters

Your face And Body Are Organized In A Fibonacci Layout



ratio man

The reason I have gone into some depth explaining the Fibonacci numbers is to provide you with a fundamental belief that they exist and to confirm the universality of the Universal Mind. The scientific proof of its authenticity is provided with every turn of the head. It’s also interesting to note that human behavior operates under these same laws. Mass psychology effects the stock market, and in fact all financial markets, in an orderly Fibonacci expression, even when there’s societal panic, such as on 9/11/2001. If you were to analyze the exact price movements of the capital markets on 9-11, you would literal confirmation of this fact.

Universal Proof!

Week 19 – Power Tools For The Mind

Power Tools For The mind- Through the course of our lives, we have learned that thoughts are powerful and when used properly they can drive us to significant heights of achievement. In the opposite, thoughts that are misguided can be our ruin. Our emotions, no matter how subtle or pronounced, are always fully engaged in everything we do and these emotional forces often have a much greater influence on our actions and behavior than does our logic. Our logical thinking can also be distorted by uncontrolled emotions and can lead us to claim logic when non may actually exist. Consider the middle aged man who suddenly finds himself at the mid-point in life and who emotionally refuses to face his mortal reality. He will often use “logic” to justify all kinds of behaviors that are actually unguided emotions seeking justification. As an example, our man in mid-life crisis goes out and buys a sports car, loving the “feeling” of sitting behind the wheel, being noticed, and feeling his youthful power as having been restored. Upon discovery, his wife asks him why he would buy such a vehicle and he explains to her how safe the car is, and that it has a surround airbag system and hi-tech anti-lock brakes, and how much safer she will be than riding in his former vehicle. Over time, he begins to gain acceptance of his place in time and realizes the vehicle is entirely impractical and doesn’t efficiently serve his needs.

Taking control of our power affords us the opportunity to leverage our emotions in a guided way that removes fate and replaces it with destiny. Our power and control are gained through thought and this allows us to become conscious and in control of the laws that govern effect. Negative thoughts and feelings manifest negative physical results, just as in the opposite, positive thought and emotions manifest positive physical results.

You truly are as you think.

Week 18 – Making the Most of Today

Making the Most of Today – Yesterday is forever gone and tomorrow only exists in theory and since we are unable to manipulate the universal time clock, the only time we have an actual play in the game of life is right now.

Although it’s natural and healthy to assume we have tomorrow, what would you do if you knew today happened to literally be your last? For years I have been curious about people’s perception of this important point and have often asked my friends and associates what they would do if they actually knew today were their last day to live. Their responses were somewhat varied but usually fell into two basic categories; one group being irresponsible and wanting to make a party of the time they had left, and the other wanting to utilize their remaining time in a meaningful way.

For those of us who are interested in making the most of the time we have left, the thought of living today as if it were our last has a number powerful attributes; first being to accurately discover and focus on what has real significance, and to do what’s necessary with a sense of urgency. This mode of thinking is also very resourceful in an unseen way as it engages the Law of Attraction to present us with the necessary people, situations, ideas, and insights that place us in a real position to materialize our desired objectives. From this frame of mind, suddenly many things we have all invested our time and focus upon that have little value and meaning are identified and deemed expendable. Think about the enormous waste of time things such as excessive idleness consumes. We have all likely spend an enormous amount of time watching television and I’ll bet most of what we have seen isn’t significant enough to remember it just a few days or months later and therefore it provided no long-term benefits to ourselves, our meaningful plans and projects, and the ones we care about.

Live today as if it were your last and live it in the passionate pursuit of accomplishment, focus, urgency, and excellence… Do it Now!

Week 17 – The Kingdom Of The Subconscious

The Kingdom Of The Subconscious — The subconscious mind consists of a field of consciousness in which every impulse of thought that reaches the objective mind through any of our senses is classified and recorded. Regardless of their nature, these impulses of thoughts can be recalled much like data from a computer file which allows you to voluntarily plant in your subconscious any desired thought, plan, objective, or purpose into a physical equivalent. The subconscious acts first on our dominant desires which have been blended and turbocharged with emotional feeling. Your subconscious mind works continuously, night and day, even when your conscious focus lies elsewhere through a method yet unknown to man. Your subconscious draws upon the forces of the universe for the power that it uses to voluntarily transform your desires into their physical equivalent. We are not able to entirely control the subconscious mind but we can intentionally program it with any plan, desire, or purpose.

The subconscious, although not fully understood, is incalculably powerful and we can solve our problems if we go about using it in the right way. The “right way” is to hold in your conscious mind, as often as possible, a clear picture of yourself already having accomplished the desired outcome. As you do this, your subconscious mind will begin to direct and lead you to the most logical ways toward your objective. Although it may seem natural to fight this, just go with it and follow your sudden hunches and the ideas that come into your mind, knowing that it is your subconscious trying to get through to your conscious mind. The more you keep at this the easier it gets. You will be amazed by the incredible ideas that seem to come out of nowhere, almost like a sixth sense, which comes from a systematic triggering of the subconscious.

Thought is the property of those only who can entertain it”

Week 16 – Overrun With Kindness

A World Overrun With Kindness – What an amazing experiment! Take a group of about 300 people and launch a week of committing acts of kindness upon the world. That’s exactly what happened this week with the Master Key-Mastermind Alliance and the results have been nothing short of astounding! Here’s a random sampling of the over 4000 acts of intentional kindness:

– I Paid for friends dinner – D
– I offered to take care of house viewings for my sister who is selling her house when she is away on holiday. – D.T.
– I offered assistance to someone in a network marketing business. We are not connected at all financially. He was somewhat unsure of the direction to take. – D.L.
– Washed the dogs paws to get rid of salt and warm him up after his walk at minus 2 degrees outside. – B.H.
– Left a DVD on my neighbors doorstep that she may like to watch. – Z.
– Went to Boarders book store tonight. Helped a lady on a walker exit the store by opening the door for her. – S.
– Yesterday, a found a friend of mine has cancer, a group of our friends are helping her by giving her assistance as she has not enough financial resources for the care she needs. Everyone is contributing in the group as much as they can. – S.
– My mother mentioned needing to cook for her church group they are having an event . I offered to do the cooking for her, that made her day. – I.S.
– Made the guys working on the car today a sandwich. – C.B.
– My supervisor went for an early lunch so I could leave early to catch my flight to my father-in-law’s 90th birthday celebration. – W.T.
– I ordered takeout BBQ today and told the cashier to leave the 2 side dishes for the next people who order. – J.H.
– Left my wife a love note this morning before going off to work while she slept. – F.B.
– Just helped my granddaughter bath her puppy. – L.J.
– I was in town doing some banking and put quarters in all the meters on the block I was on Love! – J.N.
– Had a driver let me into flow of traffic on the highway when several others would not. – K.C.
– I brought coffee in for all of my 11-7 co-workers on my unit at the hospital. – T.B.
– I shoveled snow off my friends driveway and steps !!! – S.C.
– Before leaving a friends house today I picked all the trash along their property line and the road! – B.H.
– Picked up land lady’s package at UPS for her . She works late and needed it ASAP. – P.M.
– I put some coins in the caddy slots in the supermarket, we do not have park meters. – L.H.

Over 4640 total acts of kindness as of this posting and the accumulation continues – kindness abounds! The world definitely hit 777’s this week and proves actions speak louder than words. Enough said.

Week 15 – Living By The Law

Living By The Law – It is a great insight to realize that merely being aware of the existence of knowledge is far different from the actual use of knowledge. For instance, within the collective of books available in a common library there lies an enormity of printed knowledge–rows and rows of books on many, many shelves–each book filled with knowledge on vast subjects. However, one does not gain knowledge simply by just being aware of where the library is. They must enter the library, locate the book, read the book, and MOST importantly apply the knowledge within the book. Let’s imagine, I wanted to learn to play the piano. I’d first go to the library and locate a music book with instruction on learning the basic elements of music as applied to piano. Initially, I’d read the book but then I would have to study the book and spend many hours practicing that which was contained within. All these would take much conscious effort on my part; however, after some period of time, the efforts to locate the instructional book, and the necessary study and practice would be a distant memory. Playing the piano would become as effortless as breathing.

The Laws of the Universal (just like the books in a library) are beneficial to us and are always available to be used to our advantage. The greater our comprehension of these laws, the greater the advantage we can realize by their appropriate use. These laws will continue to operate whether we are aware of them or not and their effect on us is inescapable. Our ability to appropriate what we desire or require increases as our awareness reaches higher levels of understanding of the laws and how they interface our intended outcome(s). This consciousness gives greater understanding to the meaning of “as ye sow, so shall ye reap” and that there would be no reaping without first sowing–and this sowing aspect may be multi-faceted. Engaging or calling upon the Laws of the Universal in an intentional way requires the correct protocol be used, beginning with the proper languaging of our thoughts. If our intention is to manifest desirable conditions, our feelings, thoughts, languaging, visualizations and actions must be exclusively desirable.

One of this week’s exercises directed our focus to an attribute of our choice and in keeping a record of the number of times the attribute’s use was encountered through the course of the week. This exercise has proven the usefulness of the power of focus, the natural tendency to acquire what we focus upon and that the closer and more frequently we look the more we see and discover. Still, discovery in of and of itself is not enough as it is the intentional application of the appropriate resources and the correct actions that manifest the meaningful harvest.

Whatever your harvest, whether it be in mastering the piano or otherwise, may it be a bountiful harvest.

Week 14 – Persistence and the Pipeline

Persistence and the Pipeline – There’s a very refreshing feeling entering a new year and it’s certainly fueled by many exhibiting their new year’s change/improvement manifestos. Those who have the Master Key System on their side have realized many things are essential to facilitate sustainable and aim-able change. One of them is the realization of implementing change as soon as it’s necessary or desirable vs. an arbitrary beginning point such as the new year. Our objectives, properly managed, function like a pipeline which leaves no room for the “flow” to spill out, and we can therefore concentrate and sustain our efforts. Since our outcome is well defined, our main focus is in its management and has to do with persistence. Persistent focused action, the Law of Action if you will, engages both the Law of Growth and the Law of Attraction as the pressure that pushes the flow to the end of our pipeline. The combination of these forces almost guarantees one’s success especially if we make an absolute and unwavering commitment to its manifestation.

As we move into the second half of the Master Key, let us all fully engage and derive maximum benefit. It is well worth taking the time right now to look at what we do persistently and to analyze where we are deficient or mediocre, and where we are excellent. If you don’t like how you’re spending your time and your efforts, change the schedule and/or your actions. It’s also important to notice what we are doing right and to appreciate our development and accomplishments. Finally, no matter what your passion is, you have the power to redraw the map.

What a joy it is to have the Master Key! Happy New Year!!

Week 13 – The Collective Consciousness

The Collective Consciousness — For several weeks we have been developing the ability to resist the urge to “share” our unsolicited opinions with those we come into contact with. Although this was initially quite challenging, the holiday season allowed for this personal “New Atlantis” to prove its worth in the laboratory of life, and by observation, confirming the opinion pointlessness. I’ve witnessed the expenditure of tremendous energy by those who’s quest for consent in the “selling” of their beliefs and additionally in the defense of acceptance by innocent recipients. This acceptance deficiency is likewise confirmed on a mass scale just like it is in the microcosm. Over the course of time, most great intellectual discoveries by the likes of forward thinking individuals such as Newton, Galileo, Darwin were met with considerable collective rejection, confirming the whole being connected to the one and the one being connected to the whole. This “mass psychology” is exhibited constantly and is evidenced by the movement of such things as the capital markets, politics, fashion, and social trends. This evidence is of enormous value as it confirms our connection to the Universal and through the combination of this understanding and being cognizant of the “operating system” of the Universal, we are in a position to utilize its laws in ways that are intentionally beneficial verses haphazardly or even destructive, as the Universal will certainly present us with whatever we give to it.

May we all be better stewards as we move into the year to come.